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Downsizing to a smaller homeMoving to a smaller home means choosing what to take and what gets left behind – often a daunting task filled with emotion.

The biggest struggle when moving from a large to smaller home, whether it’s a condo, apartment or house, is trying to fit all of your belongings into the new space.

With the help of our team we can make this process a lot easier. We’ll work with you to figure out which items are the most important to you and we can even prepare a floor plan so that you know where everything will fit in your new home.


You may be thinking, now what about all the rest of my belongings? Here we have several options. You can:

  • Donate them items to a charity
  • Sell them
  • Gift them to friends and family
  • Throw them away

As we help you step by step we will also ensure that you receive the maximum value from sales and the tax deductions from donations.

We will ship gifted items carefully packaged and using specialist carrier services for extremely valuable or fragile items. We will also arrange for pick up from charitable organizations, recycling and trash services.

There are also creative ways to store some items, which you may not have considered. For example, photographs can come out of boxes to be enjoyed in photo albums or in frames. This way they can be easily accessed and shared with your loved ones!

To learn more about our downsizing services, email or call us at the number below.

Moving Companies from Homescapes by DesignResearching and comparing moving companies based on reputation and reliability, getting insurance coverage options, and additional fees of moving companies is a time consuming process.

While there are multiple websites that provide reviews it’s just not the same as working with a known, trusted entity. We only recommend moving companies that we work with on a regular basis and have a reputation for good service, care and value for money.

We will help guide you through the maze of questions regarding fees and insurance so that you can make an informed choice regarding your moving company.

To learn more about our moving company recommendations, email or call us at the number below.


Home staging by HomescapesAn initial consultation is necessary to evaluate the home and determine the appropriate Staging services. The consultation will average 1-3 hours depending on the size of the home. We will do a thorough walk-thru inside and out to determine your homes optimal features and potential flaws from a buyer's point of view.

A detailed report addressing your specific needs will be prepared and presented. We will also include a Top Ten report focusing on the ten most important items the seller should concentrate on as well as a repair checklist.

At our next appointment we will go over the report and discuss the plan. Working within your budget, we can do as little or as much as you like.

 Home staging by home scapes by design


Great architecture deserves to be seen along with all of its details. You have given your perspective buyers a model of possibilities. Why not complete those dreams and give them the complete story and bring them home to your home?

We can set you apart by staging your home from simple to elegant with furniture, accessories, rugs and art to showcase your home's personality.


Home staging by homescapes by designPotential buyers can only see what is there and not what it can be. Staging a vacant home allows a potential buyer an emotional connection with the house.

We create a feeling of home where they can see themselves and their furnishings in the existing space.

In the initial consultation we would meet the homeowner, evaluate the home and go over the process and budget. With the homeowner's permission we would proceed with the furniture and accessory planning, selecting pieces that showcase the home's best features. Furniture and accessories can either come from the homeowner's inventory or we can supply them for a fee.

When the house is SOLD we will be there to de-stage the home. We highly recommend keeping the home staged through the buyer's inspection and final purchase. 


New home design, interior designBuilding a new home is exciting. You will be asked to make significant decisions on selected details that will make your home distinctly yours.

The good news is you don't have to make these decisions alone. To ensure success as your home proceeds we will be partnering with you and your builder to establish the design objective and a view of the overall project.

We would be happy to review your architect's plans with you to assure a functional space plan and furniture layout for optimal traffic flow.

Selection meetings are very important for the overall look of the home. We will collaborate with you to select the right flooring, paint, tile, countertops and lighting to accomplish the look you want to achieve. Your home should reflect you with a style and elegance that you want to create. After all, home is for the way you live.

interior design by homescapesInterior makeovers breathe new life into your home by redesigning rooms, using existing furniture, accessories, art, rugs and cherished treasures.

An interior makeover is an exciting alternative to traditional interior design while making your home comfortable and livable.   

The focus is on each room's architecture, furniture and accessories to achieve a balance that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Redesign achieves style and harmony within your home, creating new areas with a fresh look.

Discover your home's potential. No matter how humble or grand your furnishings, your style will be reflected at its best to achieve a home for the way you live.

During a consultation we will be sharing many ideas, solving problems and providing guidance. As a team we will work with you to develop a plan. Details such as time line, budget, current furnishings and potential purchases will be discussed. A written report will follow. We will cover all details carefully and work within your budget.


TransitionsTransitions 2 Home is an integral division of Homescapes By Design, LLC. As a move management company we assist families with the entire move process.

Whether you are an active adult or a senior moving to an assisted situation, you select the options that meet your needs for the way you choose to live.

We are your advocates as we help you manage the details and physical aspects of your move.

Transitions understands that any move is tremendously stressful, and moving from your long-time residence is even more so. Many of you may be leaving a home you have lived in for years. Add to this the difficult task of sifting through all the "stuff" that has been accumulated in the attic, basement, garage, etc. in order to downsize. Often it's not the items with intrinsic value, but those with emotional value that cause the most difficulty.

We are sensitive to your state of mind and heart during this transition and work closely alongside you and/or your family to guide you through the entire relocation process. Anyone can relocate belongings, reorienting your life is much more difficult. Our experienced move managers can reduce your stress by walking you through the steps to a successful relocation.


Transitions by Homescapes by design, twin cities MNNo matter where you live; it is vital for us to take the time to get to know you and essential that you become comfortable with our team, allowing yourself time to know who we are. 

We promise to honor your household with dignity and compassion and protect your privacy. Your trust in us is important we believe our certification, licensing, insurance and bonding is your assurance. Communication is extremely important; we will work directly with you through the entire process and keep you informed through your entire move.

If you are inquiring about our services as an adult child for your parents. We understand the added responsibility and stress. You may be running your own children from one activity to another, traveling from meeting to meeting, wondering how you will fit it all in. Now the added challenge - how are you going to find time to move mom or dad and meet all their needs especially if you live out of town? Transitions understands the added stress on your family and time and is here to meet your needs, whatever they may be.


  • Complete walk-thru of your home with you and your family
  • Develop room plans
  • Sort, organize and downsize your present home
  • Professional packing including boxes and packing materials
  • Provide the final finishing touches: hanging pictures, setting clocks, etc.
  • Coordinate long distance referrals to Senior Move Managers in new location

Request a brochure for a complete list of all our services.


Let us know what your needs and concerns are; we will be more than happy to answer your questions. Call (612) 590-3299 or contact us via e-mail to schedule your initial consultation. 


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professional sorting and organizingCan’t find things? Tired at looking at piles of stuff? Know that you would save time and money if only you could get things organized?

It’s a daunting task, which is why we all put it off for another day. And as an added challenge, when you do it yourself, each belonging has many memories that you want to dwell on.

The quick and easy solution is to hire a Professional Organizer!

We will create a plan that allows you to assess what possessions are worth keeping and what ones no longer fit into your lifestyle. You stay in control but don’t have to do any of the work.


We start by choosing a specific area; this could be a bookshelf, closet or desk. Each item is sorted into logically planned groups. The groups can be planned ahead of time with you or we can decide as we go. Groups can be anything from chronological order, room destination or logical categories. Either way, everything will be labeled and thoroughly explained to you.


Sorting get things in the right place and helps you regain space in your home. Organizing helps create systems that will allow your home to stay organized.

We can show you what storage solutions are best for your situation. We can rearrange rooms to maximize your space. While these bigger projects are sometimes necessary, we also offer the opportunity to simply organize files or important documents into logical order.

Packing and UnpackingNot only is it important that your belongings arrive in one piece, they should also arrive in an organized fashion.

Professional packing is a skill that combines techniques and packing materials to protect your most valuable and fragile items. And although items can be insured during shipment, the goal is get everything unpacked and installed with no damage at all.

Packing efficiently, including identifying items in the box and planning the loading/unloading can save you a significant amount of time and money. We make sure our packing process allows your new home to be setup quickly and easily. That way when you arrive, it will feel like home!

To learn more about our packing/unpacking services, email or call us at the number below.


Handyman servicesFinding a good handyman to come into your home is difficult, choosing a great one needs our help!

We all have the same questions when it comes to choosing people we invite into our homes. Can you trust them? Will they do a good job? Are they reasonably priced? These questions are hard to answer, especially if you just moved into a new neighborhood.

That’s why we have created a short list of trusted handymen for you to choose from who will be there when you need to get the job done.

If you need to get a few things fixed up for the sale of your house or before you move in, we have a handyman for everything!

For more information about our Handymen, email or call us at the number below.

Home clear out, donations, donating to charityWhen cleaning out your house or downsizing, it is always crucial to get rid of some belongings to make room for the new.

Donating is a great way to recycle your extra items, often benefiting others less fortunate. There is also a financial benefit to you through the tax deductions charitable donation.

It sounds simple but it can get tricky – not every store can (or will) accept everything you have to offer, and not all of them will pick up – that’s where our local knowledge can help.

We can help you decide which items would be suitable for donating, we’ll arrange the pick up on your behalf and make sure you have all the necessary paper work for to claim your tax deduction.

For more information about donations, email or call us at the number below.

clear outDo you need a house to be cleared out? If so we are here to help!

We recognize that the circumstance surrounding a house clearance is often a very emotional time and our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you.

Typically when preparing a house for sale the realtor will ask that the property is “broom clean”. With many years of possessions it can be a daunting task for a relative, adult child or friend. We have a team in place that can quickly and efficiently take on this challenge.

Before we start we work with you to make sure that keepsakes and other valuable items are identified and dispersed appropriately. We can help ship items to family members and also arrange for things to be sold or donated with the proceeds and tax benefits being returned to you. All other items will be removed and disposed of responsibly.

Note: Some restrictions may apply to animals and dangerous or hazardous materials. Local or federal restrictions may apply.

For more information about our clean out services, email or call us at the number below.

Move Management

Move Manaement, senior move manager

Give the Gift of Time

interior design gift, move management gift, gift certificate

Gift certificates are a perfect choice for holidays, birthdays, weddings and house-warmings.

Ideal for the busy mom, parent, "hard-to-buy-for" bachelor or "on the go" busy executive.

Send a beautifully presented gift card with your personalized message.

Includes sorting, organizing, interior design and / or shopping

Sorting and Organizing

Furniture Shopping

Interior design, interior designer

Save time on wasted excursions and avoid expensive design mistakes.

Feel confident about your purchases by letting a professional guide you through what could be a potentially confusing search. We will help locate the perfect rug, artwork, accessory, lighting and even furniture for your home. You determine the budget, we will accompany you on your shopping trip or do the shopping for you - you decide.

Call (612) 590-3299 today and ask about the possibilities!


Interior Redesign

Color Consultation

color consultation, color selection, paint color

Color can transform a room and make a statement. The statement is about you, your vision for your home and the feeling you wish to create. We will take into consideration your existing furnishings, art, and accessories while keeping in mind your lighting both natural and artificial.

With paint samples in hand, we will then review different color options for each space. Though most clients use our service for interiors, we would be happy to include the exterior of your home as well - after all good design begins at your front door.

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